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About Us

Phone: 337-912-2577


Cher Babies is a family owned business featuring customized birth announcement door signs and handmade custom wipee cases.

This truly is a family endeavor; and rest assured we know babies.  The Patriarch of the business is Janet known to her 13 grandchildren, all under 10 years of age, as “Nona;” this is where it all started.

She is joined in this endeavor by her four children; the eldest is D’Anna, mother of 3 beautiful girls; daughter-in-law Christy, mother of 2 beautiful girls; middle daughter Chereth, mother of 5 – 3 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls; and the baby of the family Becky, mother of 3 beautiful girls.  We will try to add pictures of the families soon to better introduce ourselves.

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